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2027-05-30 01:03 pm

I have dated this to always apear on "top"

I try to check weekly to add those folks who want to "see inside" but don't always make it. If you want to be added, and I don't get around to it fast enough, please leave a message here.. it will come in my email inbox.

I really hate that I have been forced to take this action due to meatspace ill behavior.. but that is life these days I suppose!


Some of the entries can be seen because of a snafu in LJ that changed the privacy settings in this journal, and I have not gone back to change them to friends only. Most are friends only.
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2026-05-29 09:13 pm

Ok.. second "always on top" entry

If you don't message me, and you don't have any entries that I can see.. when you add me? You are going to be reported as a BOT. Period. I am tired of this serial "seeming" adding.

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2013-04-13 01:39 pm

First Third of April, 2013

I have tried to post this thing for two days. LJ is just not cooperating!

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2013-03-23 03:22 pm

I have a question for my flist.

I am having trouble IDing this wild flower. I use an Arkansas wildflower image collection to do most of my IDing, but this is not anywhere on it. It may be because it is so small.

I am in zone 7, mircroclimate 6b, in the Ozark mountains, and this is blooming now. The entire clump is about three inches apart, and it appears from the super macros of the flowers that the shape is like that of a calla lily, or jack in the pulpit.

I left the 3 images huge so you can see them.

Does anyone know what this is?

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2013-02-11 09:48 am

Jan – First half of Feb 2013

Had some family trauma this winter. Am having difficulty with the homestead. Being outside in small bursts has helped, but I can’t seem to deal with larger projects, and there are many that needed to be completed like last week.

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2013-02-10 07:07 pm

September through December 2012

I have not looked through photobucket yet to see what I need to post about, but I imagine I need to leave 2013 for a separate entry.

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2013-02-10 12:35 pm

Hello old friend

I have missed you. Every time I tried to update (not often I admit) it seems that lj was dysfunctional for the free journals.

Working on an entry now I hope but need to refresh my memory on what I posted last.

See you soon I hope.
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2012-12-15 10:38 pm

Garden record keeping

I have not been able to document the work I have done so far, and I am having trouble remembering what has been planted where, so this is a record of what has been planted where. I am TRYING to find time to document, but don't know if I will be able to get to it.

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2012-09-20 08:10 am

August / first half of September 2012 part 3 WILDFLOWERS FOR SEPTEMBER

This was originally a part of the Aug/Sep entry posted previously, but it was so unbelievably long that I chose to post the wildflower portion separately.

I have been watching the wildflowers in the pea family so I can gather seeds, and discovering more wildflowers as I meander around my ten acres.

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2012-09-20 07:39 am

August / first half of September 2012 part 1

There is so much work that needs to be done, inside and out, and I have been focusing on cooking (another love of mine) that there is rarely time to post about gardening or much of anything.

Since so much time passed since I posted last, this entry got HUGE. Sorry about that.

I cut the wildflower section at the end of this entry and separated it into a different entry to shorten it, but it was still too long, so I cut the rest of it in half. So the last month and a half of work is now going to be posted in three entries.

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2012-08-13 12:46 am

Wild Flower Entry

I have been pleasantly surprised by the wildflowers that are still surviving on the property, despite it being scrapped clean over most of it.

When I came here, I wanted to make sure that the natural NATIVE wild flowers that Arkansas is known for were prevalent on my property. I have been four months trying to find seeds.

Unfortunately, most of the internet sources of wild flower seeds don’t pay much attention to the native species, and they kind of clump cut flower mixes into “wildflower” mixes.

I have purchased a few seeds, but don’t want to introduce US wide “wildflowers” into an area where they are not native, so I am moving slowly. Part of that moving slowly is to see what is growing here naturally, and looking them up to ID them.

So far, not many are available on the commercial sites, although I have purchased showy evening primrose, red clover, orange butterfly weed and turks cap lily seeds. Those are growing on the sides of the roads along with queens anne lace and ORANGE milkweed. Haven’t found seeds for those yet.

My property is not inundated with masses of wildflowers like a lot of places in the state are, but they are kind of a steady stream of smaller groupings.

Four months ago it seemed like they were all pink flowering. Right now is the purple zone. Although I did find one yellow one today.

Here is what I have ID’d naturally on my property so far.

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2012-08-08 10:41 am

Just two updated pictures from this week

I just love the way Big Mama's pot is thriving in this extreme heat

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2012-07-31 01:39 pm

April 2012 to July 31, 2012

As some may remember or not, I FINALLY sold my house in GA and took too little money and moved to my property in Arkansas.

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2012-05-03 08:34 pm

Flist help!

How do I burn a brush pile the size of a house, in a very dry year, in the woods? Thanks for any advice