Aug. 13th, 2012

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I have been pleasantly surprised by the wildflowers that are still surviving on the property, despite it being scrapped clean over most of it.

When I came here, I wanted to make sure that the natural NATIVE wild flowers that Arkansas is known for were prevalent on my property. I have been four months trying to find seeds.

Unfortunately, most of the internet sources of wild flower seeds don’t pay much attention to the native species, and they kind of clump cut flower mixes into “wildflower” mixes.

I have purchased a few seeds, but don’t want to introduce US wide “wildflowers” into an area where they are not native, so I am moving slowly. Part of that moving slowly is to see what is growing here naturally, and looking them up to ID them.

So far, not many are available on the commercial sites, although I have purchased showy evening primrose, red clover, orange butterfly weed and turks cap lily seeds. Those are growing on the sides of the roads along with queens anne lace and ORANGE milkweed. Haven’t found seeds for those yet.

My property is not inundated with masses of wildflowers like a lot of places in the state are, but they are kind of a steady stream of smaller groupings.

Four months ago it seemed like they were all pink flowering. Right now is the purple zone. Although I did find one yellow one today.

Here is what I have ID’d naturally on my property so far.

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