Mar. 21st, 2012 01:25 pm
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Everything past this line has been about the gardens I created in Georgia. Everything above this line is about my new adventure and creating in Arkansas.
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Today I went to the hospital to get my b12 shot. It is NEVER as simple as that. I text LITC female to tell her I am HERE. After two hours of OMG how can I survive this healthcare crap. LITC female wanted to come up and get free plants. I had to go to walmart to get veg... they SO did not have all that I needed. Where the HELL am I going to get fresh beets if walmart does not have them???? I might have to go to SAV!.

Anyway, I call LITC female on the way out of walmart, and she is 15 minutes away. 45 minutes later she shows up and we drive up to my house.

She is hypercritical of all things, but can find very little to criticize on my house, other than the amount of leaves. She came to get plants, but she... succumbed like most do when she walked out back. All she kept saying was "this is so serene" "I did not know".

After her lethargy of wanting to just sit and take it all in (*grin* Yeah, I do that too!) we dug as many plants as we could crowbar into her car, and off she went. I think she has a better understanding of me. I am NOT what they see in the office. I am... this.

She will be putting in her notice after Thanksgiving, to leave just before Christmas. She has that option. She really does not have to work because of her husband's income. I wish her luck.

Watching someone else succumb to my created yard however... was interesting. To see her put her agenda on hold and sit, and listen to the leaves fall, and watch the butterflies that should NOT be there in November, and listen to the wind in the pine trees, to express serenity over and over again. That... was cool. My created yard... wraps around a person. Not just me. *grin*


Oct. 14th, 2010 06:42 am
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yes, I am still here, just maintaining. Waiting for a market to sell in.

My yard and gardens? They are infested with bunnies and squirrels. They don't even run from the dogs anymore!

Just wanted to let you know I am still around. Just... not here.
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how annoying.

This week I said to hell with the "it will be on the market soon, I can't LIVE in my environment and planted more basil, garlic cloves, and some intriguing "yellow beans" or "canary beans" or Peruvian beans that have a sordid "some idiot is trying to make money off of somebody else's work" story.

I will cook with them this weekend.

The mustard, oregano and coriander did not make it in the herb garden, but the zinnias will be thick and blooming soon! YAY!
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I am working on a word post, but have not posted since.. MARCH?

Enjoy a few images that came and went while I have not been posting:

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Yesterday morning at 7am:
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For inadvertently reminding me that this journal is here.

Not that I have forgotten exactly.. but life gets in the way sometimes.. you know?

It has been a rough year. I took my house off the market this week to give myself a break, and hopefully to motivate myself to clean it up a bit.

It has rained a lot this fall and spring, and not that is NOT a complaint, we need it, but it makes it very hard to keep up with even the winter gardening chores when you work six days a week. It is still to squishy to do anything out back, where most of the work is, but I was able to get a lot done out front. The bushes are mostly pruned, and all the dormant and frozen veg has been cut down and removed, and half of Audry got cut away. I ran out of garbage bin room to finish her.

I still need to trim the rose garden hedge, but the ground is still too wet to set up a ladder, and it takes that to reach the top. I also didn't prune the LARGE branches that need to be sawed down from the lorepetalum by the door.. that covers up the porch, but I will get to that when I feel able to pick up power tools.

Still the first step is the hardest, and I feel good that I made it. I even got the grasses cut down to dormant clumps. Looks neater out there.

The rose garden is the area that needs the most work fastest.. because as soon as the roses wake back up, I will not be able to reach a lot of the areas that are clear right now. That needs to be my next focus area.. when I can walk the garden without sinking ankle deep that is.

I hope there will be pictures again soon.. as the daffodils are showing buds, the saucer mag buds are swelling.. and the forsythia is as voracious as ever. Oh.. and the homestead purple verbena appears to have "taken" in several of the places out front that I thought it did not. *grin*
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I have folks on my individual journal that are .. comfortable enough with me (and I with them) to take me to task for journaling shortcomings, AND I have folks on my individual journal who are willing to impart knowledge, AND I have folks that take misunderstandings gracefully, even when I caused them. This entry is in response to all three.

Because I am striving for clarity.. this is going to be long and wordy… sorry about that!

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I have been overwhelmed for various reasons. I continued to take pictures however, but when I tried to download three months of documetation of pretties... I found the card had an error, and nothing I have tried can "fix" it.. all those photos are GONE. IN one fell swoop. That sidelined me for a couple of weeks too.

But now... I have a question, so this will be cross posted in community after community (one at a time, not all at once as most do) until I get an answer.

I have a perplexing .. thing here.

I grow confederate roses (and everything else.. as you loyal folks know *grin*) and had to move one of the two I planted in the side yard because of size. They die completely back in the winter (mallow family, related to both hibiscus and cotton, that I also grow) I moved one of them to the front "parking strip" (we don't PARK there in this area of the country.. but be that as it may, the area in front of the house, by the road is a mixed border extraordinaire) Two years ago I had a start in the rose garden (the original site of the two confederate roses, with one remaining) that I dug up and planted in the back fence garden. It did not bloom that first year. This year is the first for blooms. Normally the confederate roses rise from nothing (I cut them down to the ground in the winter) to 18 to 20 feet by late fall when they bloom.

Last week I was walking the gardens and noticed "WHITE" out there..

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