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This was originally a part of the Aug/Sep entry posted previously, but it was so unbelievably long that I chose to post the wildflower portion separately.

I have been watching the wildflowers in the pea family so I can gather seeds, and discovering more wildflowers as I meander around my ten acres.

Some of the new ones are:

St. Andrew’s Cross (I may have posted this one already)

A very blurry pic of Common Dittany, that is in a snaky area.

And what I think is tick trefoil.

A few days ago I decided some of the peas were ready to harvest on the teeny blue eye vine, and the lovely Maryland Butterfly Pea

I picked them early in the morning a few days ago.

They are drying nicely and it looks like most were ready. There are two or three butterfly pea pods that may not have been mature enough.

I only know of one blue eye vine, so I took most of those peas, as I want to plant them in between the stones of the natural stone patio (when I finish it) but only took peas from the butterfly peas that are growing in the gravel of the driveway, as I want them to multiply in the woods area.

Yesterday morning I was walking the dogs up top and found the SWEETEST little white flower, with what looked like odd “seeds”.

I tried to dig up one of the plants while the dogs were nosing around my hands, and did not manage to get any roots, but brought it back to the house to put in water and take pictures.

This was a breezy morning when a front was coming through, and the house was opened up to capture the cool temps. I put the container on the kitchen counter by the sink and open window, and tried several times to get a picture, but the wind blew in the window each time I snapped the shutter.

I finally moved the container to the stove counter where the light is worse, but got a clear shot of it.

Isn’t it SWEET??

I took the vase to the computer table to look it up and turns out it is flowering spurge. The little green balls are not seeds. This plant is related to bougainvillea and the white petals are not a flower, but a bract. The green balls are actually the flower. I then did a search to see if I could find seeds in case I can’t harvest any and did find a site that sells them.

I am planning on creating an herb/wildflower area surrounding the future stone patio and I would love to have an area of them mass planted.

I found two new to me wildflowers this afternoon. The first one is a yellow flowered plant that has come back from the grazing that happened when the dirt guy altered the land.

I was walking the dogs, I found the flowers beside and behind the big out of control burn pile.

First was beside the pile. A little yellow flowered shrub with cut leaves.

The Virginia ground cherry. It does look kind of tomato like!

There are three of them newly sprouted in the same area beside the burn pile.

I walked around the burn pile to get pictures of the area that is blocked from view from my house. I found a little purple flower wildflower.

It turns out is is Buchnera americana Blue Hearts. Again a cute plant.

I am still excited about the wildflowers in this area.
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