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When I moved in, the movers I hired to move me partially out of the storage buildings close to my aunt and uncle (they took delivery of my household goods before I closed on the sale of the GA house) and move it to the property and a storage unit close to me got… tired I guess is the best way to put it.

They loaded one and a half large storage buildings into a truck, then unloaded what they could (primarily boxes) into a smaller storage unit after a three hour drive, then at the end of a very long day they unloaded my appliances and garden stuff at the property.

I was paying by the hour, and I told them to just put the garden stuff that would not be hurt by the weather in the yard. They just chucked it willy nilly on the ground. We were all exhausted.

The mess finally got to me a month or so later and I had an idea of what to do with the white plastic shelves that were tossed in piles.

I had been hit with a hornworm infestation mid August, and felt like I needed to separate the tomatoes in pots so I could get to each one of them, so I could get to the worms faster if I got hit again.

First I rearranged the tomatoes and peppers on the porch and moved the herbs to clear off the area around the porch.

Then I stacked the plastic snap together shelves in three equal stacks of cubes, then moved them to the flat area at the side of the patio.

The shelves are plastic, and at the time, Isaac was heading in, and I wanted to put plants and gardening supplies on them without risking damage if they fell over. I had several boxes of ceramic tiles sitting out on the porch, so I stacked them in the bottom of each cube to weight them down. It works beautifully. The shelves will unsnap before they fall over!

I then put pots of plants in the cubicles and supplies in some as well. They are open to the rain and air circulation and are working out well.

After I got the shelves arranged, I seeded empress trees, crepe myrtle and seeds from daffodils and calla lilies in pots and put them on top of the shelves. I did not expect any of them to come up until spring, as they need a chill period.

The hummingbird vine/Cardinal creeper that is planted in the front flowerbed crawling up the front porch finally did bloom!! YAY!

A little back story to the plant.

The original seeds came from my friend Papoose before we actually met. I planted them years ago in GA, and got seeds from that plant, but have not planted them in at least ten years. I didn’t know if the seeds I brought with me were still good, but I poked three of them in the soil, and they came up right away.

A new neighbor brought the other plant that is commonly known as hummingbird vine; the cypress vine to me when I first got here, before I even had a building, and it was doing well until the 108 day hit in June, in the midst of two weeks of triple digit temps. It is a lot finer of leaf than this one, and I hope to get seeds from him in the fall and plant both next year.

At any rate, the cardinal creeper that made it started blooming slowly a few weeks ago.

Some of the blooms are opening inverted,

and I don’t know what that is about, but most are trumpet shaped.

It has been blooming for about two and a half weeks now, and is just about done.

My sister started putting up the dog fence the third week in August when she was here (I will have to redo it when I can get around to it) but that vine has taken full advantage of the additional space to expand onto.

The vine is covered UP by seed pods, because the house hummingbird is a HUNGRY LITTLE BUGGER!

If anyone wants seeds leave me a comment with your address, or email your address to dragonlace214@gmail.com and I will mail you some when they are harvested.

I have not managed to capture a photo of the hummingbird feeding from the hummingbird vine, but I do have photos of him.

I have mentioned elsewhere that this little hummingbird guards the entire area around the house, and everything that has a little bit of red in it, to include a candle holder on the front porch and a set of wind chimes. He checks the seed feeders out back as well, and when he is moody, he will chase bigger birds away from those feeders that he cannot eat from.

He is also very bold. He will hover a few inches from my face when I am out on the front porch in challenge. This morning I was out refilling the feeders in the side yard, several of them are red btw, and I managed to catch him on film hovering close to me.

It is blurry, but to show you where I was, here is a larger photo, with him at the top left corner:

This is the photo cut to zoom in on him:

I only got one before he zoomed off. HE IS FAST!

I planted lettuce about three weeks ago, and it is ready to be planted out as a cut and come again crop until it freezes. I also need to get greens planted, and am running out of time!

I was surprised this morning to find that the empress trees are starting to come up

And there are two crepe myrtles on the red side of that seeded window box (other side has seeds from a pink crepe myrtle) that have germinated.

I did find a few more hornworms damaging my tomatoes this past weekend, and think I have destroyed them all before they did too much damage, but the thing that really irritates me is that they eat the tomatoes first, before gnawing down the leaves that alert me to their presence.

I am so pleased with the continued growth of the big pot in the big mama garden. It has started blooming since the rains come more frequently.

I have ordered some wildflower seeds, but need to wait until late fall to put them out. I also got a mixture of wildflowers that is sold as a lawn, to put out in the dog yard. I don’t want to mow ANYTHING here, if I don’t have to, but the dogs are having trouble “going” on bare dirt. They both will choose to “go” on the gravel driveway instead of dirt, and that irritates me. I hope they will be triggered by clovers and such.

Early on before the building was here I had a clump of something come up in one of the pots of bulbs I brought from GA. It looked like morning glory and the only one I grew in GA was Grandpa Otts. I could not stand the thought of letting it die, but I didn’t have the fence up that I wanted to grow it on (I have a bazillion seeds when I get to that point) so I dug up the clump and planted it in a temp pot.

After a few months in that pot, I could not wait any longer to plant it in the ground.

I had been able to put up poles for bird feeders to add to all the hanging feeders, and wanted something at the base of one of them.

I dug down some, but did not want to loose the stability of the pole, so I mounded up dirt from elsewhere on the property and put that clump of morning glory at in the little hill. I also seeded garlic chives and poked three of the native orange Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa) seed around the hill.

That was three weeks ago, and the morning glory is blooming and thriving. I see no chives, and only one of something that may be butterfly weed. But it could also be a very large sunflower.

The birds may have eaten the seeds I planted.

Today I walked the dogs around the burn pile for several reasons. First, my aunt has surprise lilies are blooming in her yard, and she got them from the same place I got mine. I planted surprise lilies ten years ago in the meadow area that the burn pile is on top of. I did not find the lilies, but did find the views that I miss from the blocking of the burn pile. I fell in love with the bank with the bones of the earth sticking out of the earth. Not surface rock, but boulders bound into the ground. I fell in love with this bank.

No lilies, but beautiful, none the less.

I still… love this place. The potential of this place.

Date: 2012-09-20 07:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pondhopper.livejournal.com
The hummingbird vine is a spectacular colour!
You and I are red and purple people.

Date: 2012-09-20 09:16 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] ravensgarden.livejournal.com
Yes, and that makes us perfect in our FUTURE aging as members of the red hat society!!

Date: 2012-09-20 09:21 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pondhopper.livejournal.com
You are SO RIGHT!


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